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America’s Shift to the Left?

Posted by yoozur on September 22, 2008

I’d like to start my first blog by weighing in on the US Presidential election. I think everyone is pretty excited for what figures to be the most important election is a few decades, and I think that the election itself is representative of the changes that are going on in the political arena of the United States as a whole. Take John McCain for instance. I have mixed feelings on the ideals and personality that John McCain brings to the table. For instance, I think a lot of conservative voters are a little perturbed by John’s more leftward leaning policies. But as I said, I think that is indicative of a trend that is happening all over the United States.

After George Bush’s (admittedly) disasterous presidency, I think a lot of people in the United States are looking for a different approach to presidential politics, and I think are wrongly associating the ‘badness’ of Bush’s presidency with the downsides of right wing ideals. Not only do I think that is wrong, but I’m disturbed by the frequency that people bring this up to me. In fact, most of the things that people mention to me to be bad about the Bush presidency i.e. wiretapping phones of citizens, strengthening the power of the presidency over and above the other two branches of government, overspending etc. actually fly in the face of core ‘right’ views and policies such as bringing about a smaller government, and strong emphasis on the rights and liberties of US citizens.

The two politicians that now stand facing one another could be viewed as two of the most left-leaning players to ever face one another in a US presidential election. Obama, for instance, defeated the more right-wing Hilary Clinton in one of the most incredibly knock-down drag-out primaries anyone has ever bear witness to. McCain won the Republican primary because of his high moral character, history of being on the correct sides of many issues, and the absolute dearth of any other reasonably elactable Republican candidate, besides perhaps Mit Romney; another centrist Republican. This phenomenon is something that I don’t see a lot of press for, but I think that many different political observers would admit to noticing it.

I think that while it is apparent that there has been a shift in the political leanings of the country as a whole, the question is, is it the right direction to take? Personally, I’m not so sure.


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