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Sarah Palin’s Email Account Hacked

Posted by yoozur on September 24, 2008

Original story from Wired.

20 year old David Kernell, a student at the University of Tennessee hacked into Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s personal email address. The hacker broke into Palin’s personal Yahoo account by guessing her security questions (note to self: make my security questions harder). The Kernell then posted emails from her account on message boards to prove his conquest.

Although Kernell may be charged, it is unclear what he will be charged with. It would be logical to charge him under the Stored Communications Act, but the Department of Justice is against the idea. According to the DOJ, email stored on servers such as Yahoo don’t count as “stored communication“.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what will happen. It’s funny, the FBI didn’t even arrest this guy because he hacked Palin’s account. They showed up to his door because of a party he was having. Funny how things work out.

Oddly enough too, Kernell’s father is Democratic Tennessee state representative Mike Kernell, and has already turned into a talking point & hacker war.

I’ll keep following this one. I have a feeling that more sites/emails are going to get hacked.


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